Archaeological data now free to access

16 April 2021

The open access trend in archaeology has flourished in recent years. Eight years ago, the large archaeological companies such as BAAC, RAAP and ADC were the first to opt for more flexible access rights: 99% of the 100,000 archaeological datasets at DANS are now directly accessible.

Optimal access to research data is important. A large-scale exchange of high quality data facilitates the generation of new research questions. The milestone of 100,000 archaeological datasets was reached this week and, of these, 99,000 reports, surveys or excavation archives are directly and publicly accessible. The RCE, DANS, depot holders, commercial parties, universities and independent archaeologists want to be able to share data of which the sustainability and reliability is guaranteed. Do you want to know what archaeological discoveries have been made in your neighbourhood? Take a look!

More information

View the archaeological collection here or contact Hella Hollander, Data Station Manager Archaeology.

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