Analysis of open access content in NARCIS

23 March 2020

A visual representation of NARCIS content.

NARCIS now provides access to over 2 million scientific publications in the Netherlands. The content of NARCIS has been made visual in three graphs. The graphs simply show the relationship between open access publications and closed access publications of the scientific output in the Netherlands.

Currently, there are three graphs available that show the contemporary contents. The first graph shows the number of open and closed access publications (articles, dissertations, books, reports, etc.) from publication year 2000; the second graph only shows the journal articles. The third graph shows the percentage of open and closed access publications by publication type.

The three graphs can also be used to view the number of publications at a given moment in time using a slider (earliest moment: September 2019).

More information

If you would like more information about the open access content of NARCIS, or if you would like to have your repository with open access publications harvested by NARCIS, please contact Elly Dijk, senior policy officer DANS/NARCIS.

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