Altmetric added to NARCIS

24 September 2019

Recently, the NARCIS science portal has displayed a so-called “Altmetric icon” in a large number of publications. This icon indicates which citations these publications have on social media.

To be able to see the impact that publications have, not only the number of citations of scientific publications in other publications is reviewed, but also other contributions are taken into consideration, such as downloading of web pages, blogs, citations on Wikipedia, articles in science supplements, alerting via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The distribution via these web platforms can also be calculated and displayed, the so-called Altmetrics. Altmetric is an organization that provides insight into this social impact.

In NARCIS, information from Altmetric, if present, is shown when looking at a publication. An example is:

CHANG-ES. IV. Radio Continuum Emission of 35 Edge-on Galaxies Observed with Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in D Configuration — Data Release 1

At the bottom is the Altmetric icon, followed by the number of references in Altmetric in the area of News, Blogs, Twitter, Mendeley and CiteULike. By clicking through, you will find Altmetric. This shows which news, blogs and the like are involved. For some publications it even concerns citations in other scientific publications, but because this is only shown with a paid subscription, only the number of citations are mentioned, with a few examples.

Additional information

If you have any questions about Altmetric in NARCIS, please contact Chris Baars, Digital Services Supervisor at DANS.

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