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6 December 2019

The United Nations declared the ‘International Volunteer Day’ on the 5th of December. In the Netherlands this day will be celebrated tomorrow, on the 7th of December. It is a day set up by the volunteer organizations of the United Nations to show and promote volunteer work worldwide. Data on volunteers and their work can also be found in EASY.

For example in the dataset “Working Conditions in Volunteering 2001“. This dataset contains information about the policies of voluntary service organizations with regard to working conditions or volunteers.

View the dataset “Working Conditions in Volunteering 2001” here 

Another example is the data set “Informal care 2001: Informal assistance“. The data from this dataset provides an overview of the important aspects of informal assistance and volunteer assistance (informal care) in relatively serious situations where assistance is needed.

View the dataset “Informal care 2001: informal assistance” here 

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Do you have questions about the datasets? Then contact our . Some of this data is available after registering with DANS.


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