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24 October 2019

Since 2005, Internet Day is celebrated every year on 29 October. Internet Day wants to show the possibilities that new technologies offer to improve the standard of living by giving people a better understanding of technology and its functions. In our online EASY archive, datasets can be found to analyze and investigate the internet and online behavior.

For example the dataset “Dutch Journalism in the Digital Age“. With a growing range of online resources, information for producing news stories seems just a click away. But how do Dutch journalists actually use computer-assisted research tools? The article written on the basis of these data provides an overview of the ways journalists use digital sources and examines the differences between experts and beginners.

View the dataset “Dutch Journalism in the Digital Age” here

For the dataset “Dutch Facebook Survey: wave 1 v1.1.” (DFS), researchers have collected data to study the relationship between offline face-to-face contacts and online friendship network on Facebook. Facebook is an online platform that is known to almost everyone nowadays. The main objective of the DFS data collection project is to map the online friendship networks of Dutch adolescents. More specifically, the Facebook networks of Dutch adolescents participating in the offline CILS4EU and CILSNL data collection are mapped.

View the dataset “Dutch Facebook Survey: wave 1 v1.1.” here

The dataset “Engagement of vulnerable youths using Internet platforms” has been collected for a study with the aim of understanding the online behavior of young people in terms of revealing their suffering and help with searching. The results of this study indicate that there are opportunities to help professionals develop strategic engagement methods using social media to help young people in need.

View the dataset “Engagement of vulnerable youths using Internet platforms” here

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