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16 December 2019

The United Nations declared December 18 International Migrant Day. Throughout human history, migration has been a courageous expression of the will of the individual to overcome adversity and lead a better life. Data on migration can be found in our online repository EASY.

For example the Thematic Collection “Interview project Javanese in Diaspora“. In this collection you can find data from the project called “Javanese Migration of the Surinamese Javanese, Indonesia and the Netherlands” with as subject the multiple migration of the Surinamese Javanese. To get a clear picture of the multiple migration movements and the personal experiences of Javanese migrants, an oral history project has been set up on migration and heritage formation among the Javanese in Suriname, Indonesia and the Netherlands. The interviews can be listened to on the website of Javanese in Diaspora, the metadata and the summaries of the interviews are stored in EASY.

View the thematic collection “Interview project Javanese in Diaspora” here

Another example is the dataset “Demography in the province of Holland, 17th-19th centuries“. This dataset contains various files that have in common that they contain data on the historical demography of cities or regions in the Dutch province of Holland between the late seventeenth century and the mid-nineteenth century. This information usually comes from migration registers or census registers.

View the dataset “Demography in the province of Holland, 17th-19th centuries”

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