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29 August 2019

Every year throughout the second weekend of September, thousands of monuments open their doors to the public during ‘Open Monumentendag’ (Heritage Day). DANS has many datasets that have to do with monuments.

Just to give an example: the dataset “Beleving van monumenten 1981“. This dataset contains data about processing of information  and status-raising determinants of cultural activities, regarding visiting monuments in 1981. This allows, for example, to investigate relationships between leisure activities (reading, museums, theater, etc.) and background characteristics (basic characteristics, place of residence, living situation, etc.) and much more.

Find the dataset “Beleving van monumenten 1981″ here

Another example is the dataset “Statische inventarisatie particuliere landgoederen 1970. Here you can find information about the use of country estates, their accessibility, activities, legal and financial situation and whether buildings fall under the monument law.

Find the dataset “Statistische inventarisatie particuliere landgoederen 1970” here

Data is also available about the surroundings of monuments, for example in the case of the “Cirkels in het gras” dataset. On the site of the Fectio archaeological monument, the National Cultural Heritage Agency was informed at the beginning of October 2013 of the presence of “circles” and other structures in the grass of approx. 5-8 meters in diameter. They manifest themselves as lanes with a different color and height of the grass on the spot. The data encompasses a brief survey of an unknown phenomenon.

Find the dataset “Cirkels in het gras” here

More information

This year’s Heritage Day will take place on 14 and 15 September. Do you want to know what activities are organised your area? Visit the website of the Open Monumentendag.

Do you have questions about the datasets? . Some of this data is available after registering with DANS.

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