A milestone! NARCIS provides access to 900,000 open access scientific publications!

15 March 2021

In cooperation with the repository managers of scientific institutions and the many researchers in the Netherlands, 900,000 scientific publications are now accessible via NARCIS! In ten months’ time, this database has grown by 100,000 publications.

More than 2.2 million scientific publications can be found in NARCIS, including over 900,000 publications that are freely available to everyone. A large part of these publications are (peer-reviewed) journal articles (381,000) and reports (147,000). In addition, more than 91,000 dissertations, 34,500 conference papers, 26,000 volumes and 17,000 books are available in open access. The publications originate from all Dutch universities and university medical centres, KNAW, NWO and other scientific institutions, such as RCE Archaeological Reports, Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, TNO, HBO-Kennisbank, RIVM, NIVEL, and WODC. In total 38 institutions.

Wageningen University and Research Centre is the first university with more than 100,000 open access publications, including almost 39,000 reports and 24,000 articles.

Access to closed access publications

For a large number of ‘closed/restricted access publications’, NARCIS shows whether these publications are available in open access elsewhere. NARCIS has integrated a service from Unpaywall and shows the Unpaywall logo next to the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). By clicking on it, the available information will be shown by Unpaywall. This makes it visible whether the publication is available elsewhere.

Furthermore, publications which are not open access in NARCIS are generally accessible to the academic world via the institution’s library.


In NARCIS, 310,000 datasets can also be found. The datasets originate from 23 data archives, including EASY from DANS, The Language Archive, 4TU.Centre for Research Data and Wageningen University & Research Centre.

Research descriptions

In addition, NARCIS provides an overview of 73,000 ongoing and completed research projects, 69,000 researchers: including all professors and associate professors, and 3,000 research organisations.

Monitoring open access

NARCIS also contains graphs showing the number of open and closed access publications and articles.

Meer informatie

For questions and reactions regarding NARCIS and open access publications, please contact Elly Dijk, senior policy officer DANS/NARCIS.

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