10 & 24 February: Latin America & Caribbean Scientific Data Management Workshop

10 February 2021

On February 10 and 24, the second edition of the Latin America and Caribbean Scientific Data Management Workshop will take place, with DANS participating in the panel ‘Scientific data management in Health and the Environment’.

The workshop is organised by the World Data System and Brazilian research funding agency FAPESP. The first day of the online event will focus on best practices in research data management. Day two of the workshop will focus on repository certification. Information will be provided about CoreTrsutSeal, the TRUST principles and the relationship with FAIR. In addition, a number of FAIR tools and repository registries will be demonstrated. DANS will take part in the programme.

The presentations are available online:

More information

The presentation slides are available on the FAPESP website. For more information, please contact Ingrid Dillo

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