Seamless Integration of Computing and Data in Archives

Tailoring repositories to the needs of research communities

Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2021 - 2022
Contact: Wim Hugo M.Sc.

Within the project: “Seamless Integration of Computing and Data in Archives: Tailoring repositories to the needs of research communities”, SURF, IISG and DANS together aim to ensure that FAIR research data is available within the virtual research environment of researchers, initially focusing on the research communities ODISSEI and CLARIAH. This is done by integrating data services at the national level, such as services for moving data to and from storage facilities, versioning services and ‘local’ analysis tools. Services that ensure that researchers are facilitated in sharing and reusing research data as closely as possible. Of course with an eye for security and long-term preservation of data. The project is an extension of the NWO report ‘Excellent research requires excellent infrastructure’, which recognises the growing need of Dutch researchers for digital infrastructures.

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Wim Hugo M.Sc.

Chief Technology Officer