Research Data Alliance facilitation of Targeted International working Groups for EOSC-related Research solutions (RDA TIGER)

Status: Ongoing
Duration: -
Contact: Simon Saldner Ph.D.

RDA TIGER is a new project tasked with providing support services for the Working Groups (WGs) within the Research Data Alliance.

RDA TIGER aims to facilitate and support RDA Working Groups, and to promote their alignment, harmonization, and standardization with global Open Science developments and technologies, in particular with European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) developments.

DANS will contribute to RDA TIGER by building the infrastructure and framework needed to facilitate the RDA working groups. In particular, DANS will develop a new technical platform which will ensure the quality, usefulness, and sustainability of the Working Group  outputs. DANS participates in RDA TIGER together with RDA, CODATA, and the Netherlands eScience Center.

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Simon Saldner Ph.D.

Research Data Management Specialist