Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations

Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2020 - 2024
Contact: Ricarda Braukmann Ph.D.

ODISSEI is one of the seven large scientific infrastructures to receive funding from NWO within the Dutch national Roadmap for Large-scale Research Infrastructures. ODISSEI is a collaboration between 34 partner organisations that have come together to improve the data available to social scientists. The investment of the NWO roadmap project will be used to accelerate development of computational social science in the Netherlands over five years. 

ODISSEI consists of four integrated work streams:

  • Data Facility – Accessing, linking, and analysing sensitive data in a safe, secure, and ethical manner.
  • Observatory – Sustaining and optimising valuable, long-standing data collections
  • Laboratory – Opening up new avenues of inquiry by exploiting innovative digital technologies
  • Hub – Acquiring skills and approaches for more complex and comprehensive modelling of social phenomena

DANS is involved in the development of the ODISSEI Portal through which researchers can find and access social science data from ODISSEI and its partners. Furthermore, DANS is involved in the ODISSEI policy on FAIR data and organises training activities.

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Ricarda Braukmann Ph.D.

Data Station Manager Social Sciences