NWA Archeologie telt

Smart multilingual search engine for new data discoveries

Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2021 - 2025
Contact: Hella Hollander M.A.

An important ambition of the Archaeologie telt programme is to increase and improve knowledge and use of innovative and/or conventional archaeological methods and techniques. There are tens of thousands of documents on archaeological research, but it is difficult to find specific information in this huge amount of texts. A group of archaeologists and computer scientists will use Artificial Intelligence to develop a smart multilingual search engine that makes it possible to make new discoveries in this data.

As the main applicant, Leiden University is leading this project called ‘Excavating Archaeological Literature; Enabling scientific discovery by applying multilingual text mining to archaeological documents’ (EXALT), that can take place with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. As a partner, DANS will contribute to this project by offering the data in a structured manner and, as a trusted repository, will ensure the sustainable archiving of newly created data. This will be done in cooperation with the involved partners Archol BV, Leiden University Libraries, KB, Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed, Belgium OE, RCE, Gemeente Hoorn, Archaeology Data Service, UK, Sidestone Press, Bamberg University, Vereniging van Vrijwilligers in de Archeologie.

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Hella Hollander M.A.

Data Station Manager Archaeology