Lectures on Sensor data and Surveys – NPSO

Event date:

31 October 2022

Location: CBS, The Hague

31 October | Increasingly, data is being collected using sensors, for example via an app on a mobile phone or a wearable. These sensors record data on, among other things, movement behaviour, body functioning (movement, sleep, etc.) and internet use (search behaviour, information use, etc.). Much of this data was requested in questionnaires not so long ago. Because respondents find it difficult to answer these questions, this did not always lead to good observations. Sensor data make it possible to accurately capture actual behaviour. What does this mean for the surveys we conduct? Will it make survey research different, better or perhaps redundant? During this afternoon, we will consider the applications of sensor data in surveys. Various sensors will be discussed. This training will be in Dutch.

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Ricarda Braukmann Ph.D.

Data Station Manager Social Sciences