Impact of a European project – Polifonia Research Ecosystem

Event date:

19 January 2024

Location: Online

The Polifonia project holds an (open) webinar to present their approach to DMP which takes the form of a machine readable Research Ecosystem with Data/Tools and Reports as components; and to discuss this with a couple of experts.

DANS was responsible for the Data Stewardship in the project, and Peter van Kranenburg (UU and Meertens) led two Pilots in this project. The programme is as follows: Polifonia Research Ecosystem – Impact of a project – A webinar on Data re-use and workflows


Towards the end of the project, Polifonia planned to hold a webinar which original title was ‘D7.5 DMP webinar on long term preservation’. During the last consortium meeting in Bologna October 2023, the project has extensively discussed how to foster the impact of the project in academia and beyond. How to make the output of Polifonia sustainable after the lifetime of the project is one important aspect. But fostering re-usability does not end by long-term preservation of certain assets (such as data and tools). In this webinar they will also discuss how they ensure that more fluid assets such as interfaces, but also experiences in setting up and executing workflows via those interfaces, become reproducible and reusable. This webinar presents the specific Data Management Strategy (set up as management of research components of the type Data, Tools and Reports) Polifonia has developed. They present the project briefly and detail the Polifonia Research Ecosystem as our DMP strategy and also summaries how the Ecosystem approach is related to usual DMP practices. In the last one-third of the webinar, the project ask a round of experts to – give feedback to the presentations – share their own experiences with making project output sustainable by fostering reusability – share ideas with us how to improve our impact strategy in Polifonia


  • 13.00-13.15 Introduction into the project and thoughts on (long-term) impact of the Polifonia project (Peter van Kranenburg) [10’ presentation 5’ questions]
  • 13.15-13.45 The Research Ecosystem approach of the Polifonia project (Enrico Daga) [25’ presentation 5’ questions]
  • 13.45-14.00 The dynamic nature of Data Management in a research project (Andrea Scharnhorst) [10’ presentation 5’ questions]
  • 14.00-14.30 Panel round with experts from other projects and ERIC’s (lead by Elena Giglia, Head of the Open Access Office at the University of Turin and Polifonia Advisory member) Dr. Femmy Admiraal – Senior data management expert at Leiden University Libraries (confirmed) Dr. Suzanne Dumochel – Head of International Cooperation, CNRS (Directorate of Open Research Data) (confirmed) Barbara Magagna – coauthor of the FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP) Ontology, and member of the EOSC Task Force Semantic Interoperability (confirmed)

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