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About reusing data


Certain conditions apply for using data from EASY.


One should cite data from the DANS-archive by using the following references (in accordance with the recommendations of DataCite):

  • Name (names) of the person(s) and/or organisations who produced the dataset. This is the information mentioned in the description of the dataset, under the tab ‘Description’ in EASY, in the field ‘Creator’. The information contained in this field is copied fully, but not the DAI, if present.
  • The year in which the dataset has been produced (Year from the field ‘Date created’ in the description of the dataset in EASY).
  • The title of the dataset (field ‘Title’ in the description of the dataset in EASY).
  • The name of the archive in which the dataset is archived: DANS. 
  • The persistent identifier of the dataset, preceded by '' (field ‘Persistent identifier’ in the description of the dataset in EASY)
  • Format/Appearance: Creator (CreationYear): Title. DANS. Persistent Identifier
  • Example: Haselager, dr. G.J.T. (Radboud University Nijmegen); Aken, prof. dr. M.A.G. van (Utrecht University) (2000): Personality and Family Relationships. DANS.

You will find how a specific dataset should be cited under the tab ‘Overview’ in EASY.

You should also inform DANS of the publication’s availability, for instance by sending an e-mail to with the link to the repository in which your publication has been included. DANS will make sure that that the publication is listed with the respective dataset in EASY.

Further information

In case you have any other questions, please contact our data managers via .

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