DELOS Summer School 2006

19 april 2006

The Summer School will be held from 4th-10th June 2006. The closing date for registration is 1 May 2006. Participation in the School will assist participants in understanding how to address digital preservation challenges in the context of the digital library. The workshop will provide a networking opportunity for participants to meet with other students and researchers, international experts, and practitioners across disciplinary and national boundaries.

Workshop Format
During this five-day summer school, internationally established lecturers will each lead half-day sessions and most will be available through the week for further discussion. The course builds on cutting edge research being conducted by the lecturers. By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • gained an appreciation of the issues surrounding digital preservation within the context of digital library development and management;
  • developed a grasp of the core research in the area of digital curation and preservation; developed a coherent and practical understanding of activities surrounding digital preservation;
  • gained experience with issues surrounding utility analysis, metadata definition, and ingest process management;
  • acquired an appreciation of the different approaches to selecting and appraising potential digital acquisitions;
  • a working knowledge of the issues surrounding audit and certification of digital repositories;
  • a working knowledge of the techniques and practices that underlie digital curation; and
  • considered how digital curation and preservation requirements can be integrated into approaches to digital library development.

A detailed programme can be viewed on the DELOS website.

Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard (Staatsbibliotek Denmark), Michael Day (UKOLN), Prof Wendy Duff (University of Toronto), Dr David Giaretta (CCLRC), Prof Maria Guercio (University of Urbino) Prof Ross Harvey (Charles Strutt University), Hans Hofman (National Archives of the Netherlands), Yunhyong Kim (DCC), Andrew McHugh (DCC), Dr Heike Neuroth (Gˆttingen State and University Library), Prof Andreas Rauber, (Vienna University of Technology), Prof Seamus Ross (HATII, University of Glasgow), Prof Manfred Thaller, (University of Cologne), Dr Andrew Wilson (AHDS)

The venue for the Summer School is a 15th century monastery set in the Tuscan Hills. The lecture rooms and breakout meeting facilities are world-class. Those who select accommodation onsite will find the accommodation is pleasant and the food rich in local flavour. San Miniato, a town with a history stretching back to at least the Etruscan period, is about 1.5 kilometres walk away across Tuscan hills dappled with olive trees and vines.

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