How do I do better research? How does open science work? What is the European Open Science Cloud and why does it matter? These questions will be answered in the course ‘Bringing synergy to research and data management in Europe’ by EOSC Synergy.

Recently, René van Horik (DANS) compiled the working paper: ‘FAIR data principles in practice. To what extent are the FAIRsFAIR “Recommendations for practice in support of FAIR data principles” supported by the results of the EOSC hub project?’.

If you think that the laws of the Old Testament are set in stone, the thesis of Christian Canu Højgaard (VU Amsterdam, 8 July 2021, cum laude) shows otherwise. Fundamental work of ETCBC and DANS contributed to the realisation of the work.

The FAIR-Aware tool is now also available in French! French-speaking researchers, data stewards and other data professionals can now access the assessment and guidance of the FAIR-Aware tool in their native language.

FAIRsFAIR is interested to learn about implementation stories related to the PID Graph, In particular, the use of Jupyter notebooks. It is possible to share your feedback until 22 July.

Research Data Netherlands (RDNL), Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and the University of Edinburgh will organize the online course ‘Delivering Research Data Management Services’ for the fourth time. The registration is open.

The number of datasets entrusted to DANS is increasing rapidly. Only nine months ago, in October 2020, the 150,000th dataset was deposited. Now, there are over 175,000!

One year ago this month, the FAIR-Aware tool was launched. Created by DANS under the umbrella of the FAIRsFAIR project, the tool has been helping researchers become more aware of the FAIR data principles and learn how to increase the quality of their datasets by implementing them.