The E-depot for Dutch Archaeology is a collaboration between DANS and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) and is housed at the DANS national data archive. In this way, the digital research data of Dutch archaeologists remain accessible and usable in the long term. Since 2007, archaeologists in the Netherlands have been formally obliged to deposit their data at DANS in accordance with the Dutch Archeology Quality Standard (KNA). The data is stored in EASY, the online archiving system of DANS, and is mainly used by archaeologists, policy makers, companies and culture enthusiasts. 

The archaeological collection

The aim of the E-depot for Dutch Archaeology at DANS is to sustainably archive and make available archaeological research data and to disseminate knowledge about this. By research data we mean both the data from archaeological research (map material, databases, images, daily reports) as well as the final reports. Research in its widest sense, from coring research to definitive excavation, from specialist research to dissertation. The e-depot is available for all digital archaeological data!

International cooperation

By participating in European portals such as Europeana and ARIADNE, DANS ensures better visibility of the archaeological data in EASY.

Additional information

Please contact Data Station Manager Hella Hollander for more information.