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Publish a data paper in Research Data Journal

RDJ, published by Brill publishers and DANS, is a peer reviewed e-only open access journal. Authors can submit their data papers online.

The Research Data Journal documents deposited datasets through the publication of data papers. Data papers are scholarly publications of medium length containing a non-technical description of a data set and putting the data in a research context.

Full conclusions are not necessary, but space is provided for concluding remarks. Data needs to be deposited in a certified trusted repository, such as the online archive EASY of DANS.

Each paper gets a persistent identifier providing publication credits to the author. The journal concentrates on the Social Sciences and the Humanities, covering history, archaeology, language and literature in particular. Publication languages are English and Dutch.

Additional information

Researchers can publish their data paper in the Research Data Journal. More information can be found on

Published on: Mar 12, 2019