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Game time: DANS Data Game June 4th 16:30

Due to the current circumstances, the DANs Data Game cannot be played physically. Therefore, DANS has developed an online version of the game.

In this way it is still possible to play the game with your colleagues, friends or family. Play the game via this link. The game can be played in multiple languages.

Because the game can only be played with multiple participants at the same time, DANS organises a joint moment to play the game on Thursday June 4th at 16:30. In this way players are guaranteed to have fellow players to play the game together. 


  1. Go to the online game via this link.
  2. The game is only available in multiplayer mode, so you always play against each other. The first person in a new game can choose whether it consists of 3 or 4 people.
  3. The game automatically complements an open game with new players.
  4. If you are the first player, select the number of participants and enter your name. Now wait for the other players.
  5. If you are not the first player, only enter your name. Now wait for the other players.
  6. As soon as a game is full and someone new signs in, a new game is started (which the new first player in the game can manage).
  7. All players share the same link, so in the players are divided among the games by order of registration.
  8. It is possible (if you share the link with a lot of people) that you do not play with the players of your choice.
  9. When all players are registered, the game can start.


Would you like to get hold of a physical and even more beautiful edition of this game? Order one via this online form, free of charge! Due to COVID-19, the shipment might take longer. Click here to download the DANS Data Game (.pdf). Please share your experience and follow those of others via #DANSdatagame on Twitter.

More information

For more information about the DANS Data Game, please visit the information page on the DANS website. 

Published on: May 25, 2020