Video about the use of PID's

Recently, the FREYA project launched the video "FREYA - The Power of PIDs". The video explains how researchers can use PIDs.

Nominations Dutch Data Prize 2020 closed

From 44 submissions, the professional jury will nominate research projects for the Dutch Data Prize 2020. The prize will be awarded on November 18, 2020. It promises to be a very exciting and interesting day!

New OpenAIRE blog series on RDM support

New OpenAIRE blog series on RDM support

Ellen Leenarts (DANS) recently published a blog about the blog series of OpenAIRE. Main elements of this are the NOADs who share their experiences about starting Research Data Management support for institutes, such as universities and universities of applied sciences.

Development of a Preferred formats guide

If you want to store digital data in a sustainable way, knowledge about file formats is indispensable. A white paper highlights the plans for a guide in this area. Heritage institutions are invited to comment on this.

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