Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe

Status: Completed
Duration: 2018 - 2021

OpenAIRE-Advance is the successor of the Horizon 2020 project OpenAIRE 2020, in which DANS participated as well and has ended in June 2018. OpenAIRE stands for Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe. The goal of OpenAIRE is to support the Open Science policy of the European Commission (EC). The EC wants publications and datasets which are financed with European research grants to be made open access accessible. For publications open access is mandatory; for datasets as well, but this is still a pilot (Open Data Pilot).

In OpenAIRE-Advance 48 partners from European countries are working together; the University of Athens is the leader of the project.

DANS provides multiple services in OpenAIRE-Advance:

  • Open Science Helpdesk: Support and Training (with TU/Delft): DANS forms together with TU/Delft the National Open Access Desk (NOAD) for the Netherlands. The NOAD informs research organisations about the policy of the EC on Open Science and about the support OpenAIRE can offer.
  • Taskforce Research Data Management (RDM), in which DANS is task leader. The goal is to expand the knowledge base of the NOADs on the subject of RDM.
  • Towards scholarly commons:Interoperability – Connecting with CRIS-CERIF, in which NARCIS is used as an example of the implementation of the OpenAIRE-CRIS/CERIF Guidelines. OpenAIRE harvests the metadata of the (open access) publications from NARCIS, whereby the Dutch scientific output can also be searched via OpenAIRE.

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