European data infrastructure for scientific research

Status: Completed
Duration: 2015 - 2018
Contact: René van Horik Ph.D.

EUDAT develops a sustainable infrastructure for improved access to scientific data for researchers and scientists in Europe. EUDAT started in 2011 and comprises of the following core services:

1. B2DROP: synchronize and exchange research data.

2. B2SHARE: store and share research data.

3. B2SAFE: manage data and optimize access.

4. B2STAGE: transfer data to HPC workspaces for processing.

5. B2FIND: find collections of scientific data quickly and easily.

DANS was one of 33 partners in EUDAT. From March 2015 DANS was involved in a three year project to improve EUDAT services, to broaden the scope of the services and to develop a business model for long term sustainability of the services. The activities of DANS evolved around:

1. Improving the quality of the data storage centres by certification according to the Data Seal of Approval.

2. Setting up and realising a training program to spread and improve knowledge on using the EUDAT services.

3. Liaisons with researchers in the Humanities, for example via the DARIAH network, in order to bring the EUDAT services to their attention.

4. Work together on a long term business model for the EUDAT infrastructure.

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René van Horik Ph.D.

Research Data Management Specialist