Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

Status: Continuous
Contact: Ricarda Braukmann Ph.D.

The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) aims to form a European infrastructure for the social sciences, where researchers can go for data, tools, advice and knowledge exchange. DANS is a member of CESSDA and involved in several projects of CESSDA. From the Technical Framework and Tools working groups, DANS contributes to the development and implementation of new data services, such as the CESSDA Data Catalogue which contains tens of thousands of European studies and data collections held by the CESSDA Service Providers. In the field of Training, DANS contributes to training materials and data management courses for social scientists and trainers (such as the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide). In addition, DANS is active within the Trust working group that deals with the certification of European data archives.

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Ricarda Braukmann Ph.D.

Data Station Manager Social Sciences