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ATLAS.TI Copy bundle and NVivo Project file

In recent years, DANS has come into contact with research data from two types of CAQDAS programs: ATLAS.TI and NVivo. With regard to the archiving of the files created by these programs, the export functions of the programs must be used:

ATLAS.TI has the copy bundle function. This function is intended to create a coherent bundle of all related files. This bundle serves as a backup for the files and offers the possibility to migrate files between computers.

NVivo (version 10) has the option save project with which all parts of a project (sources, nodes, matrices, casebook) can be copied. These files together form the archive.

The version of the program and the operating system must be included with the documentation of the export files.

ATLAS.TI and NVivo Project file are non-preferred formats for file type
Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS). Read more about Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis.