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Disclaimer EASY

Liability DANS

DANS shall neither be liable for the contents of the datasets made available through EASY, nor for the documentation associated with those datasets. DANS shall not be liable for content errors or incorrect inferences from the datasets and the data contained therein.

The owner(s) of a dataset is/are the natural and/or legal person(s) included in the dataset description (the “(Copy)right holder” or, failing this, “Creator” field in the Description tab) in EASY. To the extent that the dataset is protected by copyrights and/or database rights, the owner(s) permit(s) DANS, by means of a licence, to make the dataset available to users, provided the latter comply with the DANS General Conditions of Use, see our legal information. If applicable, third parties’ copyrights and/or database rights in the dataset are explicitly stated.

Notifications of any alleged errors can be forwarded to the owner of the dataset by means of an e-mail message addressed to info at indicating the dataset’s title and persistent identifier. For complaints relating to personal data processing, please refer to the relevant procedure contained in the DANS privacy regulations.

Citation rules: Acknowledgement of sources

Users shall always include an acknowledgement of sources in the research results that he/she publishes, in which ever form, where use is made of digital data originating from one of the datasets of DANS. See our directions for data citation.

Note: In this document the word “dataset” is used as a collective term referring to all types of data files that may be stored in the DANS Online Electronic Archiving System (EASY): databases, text files, spreadsheets, audio and video files (interviews), GIS files , images, etc.