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About reusing data

You are about to reuse data from EASY, the online archiving system run by DANS. This webpage provides you with relevant information.

Finding data in EASY

You can find data using free text searches. EASY will search the metadata, not the contents of files within datasets. Datasets’ metadata are always freely available. For an optimum search result, we recommend using: 

  • both Dutch and English search terms
  • double quotes “ ” around specific word combinations (“abuse of power”)
  • the asterisk * to search for part of a word (econom* will return ‘economy’, ‘economic’ and ‘economize’)
  • the question mark to replace any letter (b?at will return metadata containing ‘beat’, ‘blat’ and ‘boat’)
  • multiple question marks instead of letters (beat???) will return all metadata in which ‘beat’ is followed by three letters (e.g. ‘beaters’, ‘beating’ and ‘beatles’)
  • Combinations with operators AND, OR and NOT:
    • AND: both terms must be present, in whatever order
    • OR: either (or both) of these terms must be present, in whatever order
    • NOT: the first term must be present, the second must not be present


The files in a dataset are subject to one of five access categories:

  • Open Access: the files are directly accessible and do not require logging in.
  • Open Access for registered users: the files are accessible after logging in.
  • Restricted Access archaeology group: the files can be accessed after logging in, provided the user is a professional archaeologist or an archaeology student.
  • Restricted Access request permission: the files are accessible after logging in if the permission request for access to the dataset has been approved by the depositor of that dataset.
  • Other Access:the data will be accessible via another repository. 

According to DANS policy, the Restricted Access request permission category will apply to datasets containing personal data. In all other instances, the choice is made by the depositor.

Before you can log in and request datasets, you must create a free account using the Registration form.

Using a dataset

The terms and conditions for using a dataset depend on the depositor’s choice:

  • Open Access: use is subject to the Open Access licence identified in the Licence metadata field of the dataset. Various licences are possible, for example CC-BY 4.0.
  • Open Access for registered usersRestricted Access archaeology group and Restricted Access request permission: subject to the DANS Licence. 
  • For datasets in the Restricted Access request permission category, the depositor can impose additional conditions of use on the user.  

Citing a dataset

We ask you to cite your dataset in accordance with the DataCite recommendations.

This source reference will consist of:

  • The name(s) and/or organisation of the creator(s) of the dataset;
  • The year in which the dataset was produced;
  • The title of the dataset;
  • The name of the organisation managing the archive in which the dataset is stored: DANS;
  • The persistent identifier of the dataset as a full URL.

For example:

Doorn, dr P.K.; Bommeljé, drs L.S.; Vroom, dr J.A.C.; Wijngaarden, drs H. van; Bommeljé, drs Y.B. (1990): The Aetolian Studies Project. DANS.

In EASY, the citation of each dataset will be included in the Overview tab.


If you come across inaccuracies in a dataset, please let us know . DANS will pass the information on to the depositor. Do not forget to include the dataset’s persistent identifier.


If you have any questions, please contact one of the DANS data managers at .

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