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About reusing data

You are about to reuse data from EASY, the online archiving system run by DANS. This webpage provides you with relevant information. 

Terms of Use and Licence Agreement

The Terms of Use specify the rules for reusing data from EASY under the License Agreement. Both documents take into account the applicable legal framework, such as the Copyright Act, the Databases Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the VSNU Code of Conduct. For more information, see the Legal information page.

Finding data in EASY

Finding data in EASY is possible using free text searches. EASY will search metadata too, but not the content of files within datasets. For an optimum search result, we recommend using:

  • both Dutch and English search terms
  • double quotes “” around specific word combinations (“abuse of power”)
  • the asterisk * to search for part of a word (econom*)
  • the question mark to replace any letter (b?at will return files containing ‘beat’, ‘blat’ and ‘boat’)
  • multiple question marks instead of letters (beat???) will return all files in which ‘beat’ is followed by three letters (e.g. ‘beaters’, ‘beating’ and ‘beatles’)
  • Combinations with AND, OR and NOT:
    • AND: both terms must be present, in whatever order
    • OR: either of these terms (or both) must be present, in whatever order
    • NOT: the first term must be present, but the second may not be present

Accessing a dataset

There are five access categories, where the chosen category only applies to downloading the data files from the dataset; the metadata of your dataset are always available as Creative Commons Zero Waiver (CC0). If you want access to data with restricted access, you must obtain prior permission from the depositor. To submit a request for access, log in and click ‘request permission’ within the dataset. The completed request form is automatically forwarded to the depositor, who will subsequently respond.

Quoting data

You can quote data following the format below, in accordance with the DataCite recommendations:

Haselager, dr. G.J.T. (Radboud University Nijmegen); Aken, prof. dr. M.A.G. van (Utrecht University) (2000): Personality and Family Relationships. DANS.

Elements of this citation:

  • The name(s) and/or organization of the producers of the dataset
  • The year in which the dataset was produced, in brackets
  • The title of the dataset
  • The name of the archive in which the dataset is stored: DANS 
  • The persistent identifier of the dataset

Reusing data

Are you using someone else’s data in your own publication? Copy the link to the repository in which your publication has been stored into an email and send it to DANS. DANS will ensure that a reference to the publication is included in the relevant EASY dataset.


If you come across inaccuracies in a dataset, please let us know by . DANS will pass the information on to the depositor of the dataset. Do not forget to include the dataset’s persistent identifier.


If you have any questions, you can always contact one of the DANS data managers at

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