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EASY is an online archiving system for depositing and reusing research data. As well as ample new datasets and collections, the collections of the former Netherlands Historical Data Archive (NHDA) and the Steinmetz Archives are also accommodated by EASY. EASY contains datasets from the humanities, health sciences, social and behavioural sciences, oral history and spatial sciences. In addition, EASY offers access to the secure micro data of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and accomodates the E-depot voor Dutch Archaeology as a service of DANS.

Through EASY, data from research can be shared with others. Together we ensure sustained access and reusability of research data.

Please give your opinion

We would like to receive your experience with the services of DANS. Partly with the input obtained from the questionnaires, DANS can continuously improve their service. There are two questionnaires, completing a survey will take 3 minutes: 

  • Survey about about depositing data in EASY (in Dutch or in English)
  • Survey about searching for data via EASY (in Dutch or in English)

More information

If you have any questions, you can always contact one of the DANS data managers at


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