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The publication repository of the KNAW: PURE contains an overview of the publications of DANS and it's partners. Publications from 2014 and older are listed below.

DANS also publishes the magazine E-Data & Research and the digital newsletter DataLink (only available in Dutch).


  • The Entity Registry System: Publishing and Consuming Linked Data in Poorly Connected Environments. Guéret & Cudré-Mauroux. In: ERCIM-News, Vol. 97; 54-55.
  • Seed + expand: a general methodology for detecting publication oeuvres of individual researchers. Reijnhoudt, Costas, Noyons, Börner, Scharnhorst. In: Scientometrics.
  • Data Guide 13 (pdf): Ethno-religious Conflicts in the Philippines 2012. Sterkens, Abanes, Camacho, Kanas, Thijs, Scheepers. Persistent identifier van de datasets en aanvullende documentatie: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-a98h-rb.
  • Data Guide 12 (pdf): Ethno-religious Conflicts in Indonesia 2012. Sterkens, Kanas, Subagya, Pamungkas, Thijs, Scheepers. Persistent identifier van de datasets en aanvullende documentatie: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-65l2-sq.
  • Universiteiten en Onderzoeksinstellingen in Nederland 2014. Deze gids is samengesteld aan de hand van gegevens uit de wetenschapsportal NARCIS. De publicatie is online te bestellen bij Sdu Uitgevers.


  • DANS Symposium Publications 7: Stabiliteit en verandering in Europa. Proceedings vierde Nederlandse workshop European Social Survey. Aarts, Wittenberg (red). Download deze publicatie via de KNAW-repository.
  • How to Publish Open Data on the Web. Guéret. In: Linked Open Data - Pilot Linked Open Data Nederland, part 2, edited by Folmer, Reuvers, Quak, 115-120.
  • How to: Linking Resources from Two Datasets. Guéret. 2013b. In: Linked Open Data - Pilot Linked Open Data Nederland, part 2, edited by Folmer, Reuvers, Quak. 141-148.
  • The Entity Registry System: Implementing 5-Star Linked Data Without the Web. Charlaganov, Cudré-Mauroux, Dinu, Guéret, Grund, Macicas. In: Databases; Computers and Society. Arxiv Preprint arXiv:1308.3357v1.
  • Digital Archives as Versatile Platforms for Sharing and Interlinking Research Artefacts. Guéret. Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Digital Preservation of Research Methods and Artefacts. doi:10.1145/2499583.2499588.
  • Lies, Damned Lies and Research Data: Can Data Sharing Prevent Data Fraud? Doorn, Dillo, Van Horik. In: International Journal of Digital Curation 8. doi:10.2218/ijdc.v8i1.256.
  • Linking Data and Publications: Towards a Cross-Disciplinary Approach. Hoogerwerf, Lösch, Schirrwagen, Callaghan, Manghi, Latropoulou, Keramida, Rettberg. In: International Journal of Digital Curation.
  • Mapping EINS - An Exercise in Mapping the Network of Excellence in Internet Science. Akdag, Wyatt, Passi, Scharnhorst. In: Conference Proceedings of the First International Conference on Internet Science.
  • Data Guide 10 (pdf): Religion in Dutch Society 2005. Documentation of a national survey on religious and secular attitudes and behaviour in 2005. Eisinga, Need, Coenders, De Graaf, Lubbers, Scheepers, Levels, Thijs. Persistent identifier van de datasets en aanvullende documentatie: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-6ju7-ax.
  • Learning in a Landscape: Simulation-building as Reflexive Intervention. Beaulieu, Ratto, Scharnhorst. In Mind & Society Online. doi:10.1007/s11299-013-0117-5.


  • Peer-Reviewed Open Research Data: Results of a Pilot. Grootveld, Van Egmond. In: International Journal of Digital Curation 7. doi:10.2218/ijdc.v7i2.231.
  • Data Guide 11 (pdf): Religion in Dutch Society 2011-2012. Documentation of a national survey on religious and secular attitudes and behaviour in 2011-2012. Eisinga,  Kraaykamp, Scheepers, Thijs. Persistent identifier van de datasets en aanvullende documentatie: urn:nbn:nl:ui:13-pgxp-kg.
  • Significance of Visual Interfaces in Institutional and User-generated Databases with Category Structures. Akdag, Scharnhorst, Ten Bosch, Doorn, Manovich, Salah, Chow. 2012. In: Proceedings of the Second International ACM Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage. doi:10.1145/2390867.2390870.
  • Social Informatics. 4th International Conference Social Informatics. Aberer, Flache, Jager, Ling Liu, Tang, Guéret, eds. In: SocInfo 2012. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-35386-4.
  • Virtual Knowledge. Experimenting in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, oktober 2012. Wouters, Beaulieu, Scharnhorst, Wyatt.
  • Nederland in de jaren nul. Proceedings derde Nederlandse workshop European Social Survey. Aarts, Wittenberg.
  • Models of Science Dynamics. Encounters Between Complexity Theory and Information Sciences. Series: Understanding Complex Systems. Scharnhorst, Börner, Besselaar.




  • DANS Symposium Publication 5 - Nederland in vergelijkend perspectief. Proceedings Tweede Nederlandse Workshop European Social Survey. Ganzeboom, Wittenberg. ISBN 978-90-5260-364-3.
  • Op de virtuele zeepkist. Een week discussie in de Open Data Speakers Corner. Van den Dries, De Groot. ISBN 978-94-90531-03-4.
  • DANS Studies in Digital Archiving 3 - Verkenning jeugddata. Raadpleging van jeugdonderzoekers met betrekking tot hun datawensen. Vinken. ISBN 978-94-90531-01-0.
  • DANS Data Guide 6 - Secondary school pupils about ethnicity and their social contacts. Bekhuis, Ruiter, Coenders. ISBN 978-90-5260-345-2.


  • DANS Symposium Publications 4 - Access panels and online research, panacea or pitfall? Stoop, Wittenberg. ISBN 978-90-5260-300-1.
  • Quickscan Geodata en Sociale Geografie. Eindrapport van een inventarisatie. Van der Vaart, Doorn, Van Horik.


  • DANS Symposium Publications 3 - Multi-actor data in survey onderzoek. Kalmijn, Wittenberg. ISBN 978-90-5260-292-9.
  • DANS Symposium Publications 2 - Twee eeuwen Nederland geteld, onderzoek met de digitale Volks-, Beroeps- en Woningtellingen 1795-2001. Boonstra, Doorn, Van Horik, Van Maarseveen, Oudhof. ISBN 978-90-6984-533-3.
  • DANS Symposium Publications 1 - Learned love. Proceedings of the Emblem Project Utrecht Conference on Dutch Love Emblems and the Internet. Stronks, Boot, ISBN 978 90 6984 510 4.



  • DANS studies in digital archiving 1 - Permanent Pixels: Building blocks for the longevity of digital surrogates of historical photographs. Van Horik. ISBN 90 6984 462 1.
  • Humanities, Computers and Cultural Heritage. Proceedings of the XVI international conference of the Association for History and Computing (AHC). ISBN 90-6984-456-7.
  • DANS Data Guide 1 - Organisational commitment among European university employees, 2004/2005. Smeenk, Eisinga, Doorewaard, Teelken. ISBN 90 6984 484 2.
  • Archives in Cyberspace: Electronic Records in East and West. Doorn, Garskova, Tjalsma. ISBN 5-211-04905-5.