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Property rights statement EASY

Our slogon is: accessible whenever possible, protected if necessary. We advocate placing as few restrictions as possible on the accessibility of research data and publications. There may however be valid causes to restrict public access to research data, either temporarily or indefinitely, if the data contains personal information, for instance, or in case of contractual obligations to a third party, or an embargo due to an upcoming publication. On this basis, data files in EASY are classified as either open or restricted, and in some cases a temporary embargo is imposed. Open data use the Open Access CC0 Waiver and Open Access for Registered Users access categories, while restricted data use the Restricted Access category. In addition, certain data files may be covered by the rights (database rights, copyrights, related rights) of various other parties. The General DANS Conditions of Use stipulate that users are obligated to respect any such rights attached to datasets. This rule does not apply to datasets in the Open Access CC0 Waiver category, for which all rights have been waived. For more information, see the clarification of the General Conditions of Use. The EASY website is protected by database law and may not be reproduced in its entirety or in substantial parts without prior permission from DANS.